visit The 123st  Annual SOMERSET COUNTY FAIR

AUGUST 17-26, 2022




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$1000  Fair Queen

$300    1st Runner-up

$250    2nd Runner-up

$50.00 each for promenade, speech, and fair knowledge. 

The Somerset County Fair Queen Contest is an annual event that we are proud to have opening the fair each year. The contest has had many changes over the years especially since the Pennsylvania State Fair Queen Contest began in 1987. The Somerset County Fair has had five state queens and many others have placed in the top five over the years. Miss Jill Romesberg was the first State Queen. Miss Wendy Will won the contest in 1991, Miss Jennifer Randall in 1995, Miss Julie Sechler in 1999,  Miss Cassie Hay in 2003, and Miss Abby Knapp  (2020 State Fair Queen Alternate).

At the county level, contestants have an informal meeting with the judges. After changing into gowns, they are interviewed and asked questions while facing a crowd of family, friends, and well-wishers. The new queen is presented with a crown, sash, sash pin, and a bouquet of flowers for her to have as a lasting memory of her reign.

In 1992 a scholarship program was started for the fair queen. Beginning this year, cash awards totaling $1,550.00 will be given to the queen, first and second runner-ups.  Plus additional cash awards of $50.00 each for promenade, speech, and fair knowledge. 

Local judging consists of the following:

1.   Poise, Appearance, Neatness, Speaking Ability, and Knowledge of the fair industry.

2.   An essay (300 words or less) on “What My Fair Means to Me”.

3.   A 3 to 5 minute speech on “Why You Should Come to My Fair”. 

The state contest is held each year in January. All contestants for the PA State Fair

Queen must apply through their local fair and follow the rules set for by the State Fair

Queen Committee. The Somerset County Fair Association pays expenses for the queen

and her parents while attending the state competition. 

We hope to see a large number of entries in the Somerset County Fair Queen Contest.

Please Click here for a list of our past Fair Queens

Pa. State Association of County Fairs


1. The girls will be judged on: Poise, Appearance – Two casual outfits – Neatness, Ability to Communicate (speaking ability), and      Knowledge of the fair industry.
2. A written essay will be required to be submitted on: “What My Fair Means To Me” (300 words or less).
3. Must present at the state competition a 3 to 5 minute speech on “Why You Should Come To My Fair.”
4. Will compete in the state competition which will be held in January.
5. All contestants will receive an individual gift and the winner and the alternate will each receive cash awards. The honor of reigning as the Pennsylvania Fair Queen will be for a period of one year. The cash awards will be in the form of higher education scholarships and will be presented upon verification of enrollment from the higher education institution.
6. All contestants must apply through their local fair.
It is a requirement that local fairs follow the rules set forth by the State Queen Committee in order to have a contestant in the state competition. It is the responsibility of the fair or the individual contestant to pay for the expense involved in attending the state competition in January.

State Queen Contest entry forms will be available from the secretary-treasurer of the PSACF by mid-August. All entries are due by September 1st
Contestants must meet these requirements:
– Never married young ladies between the ages of 16 as of June 1, and 20 inclusive.
– Residents of Somerset County.
– Have farm, 4-H, FFA or FHA background.
– Must be available to reside over activities during Fair Week.
If interested get in touch with Larry & Gale Hay 2516 Salco Rd Berlin, PA 15530  814-267-3674
A packet of information will be sent to you.

Below are the Official PA Fair Queen Program rules

Each Fair Queen contestant must

1. Be a female who is a U.S. citizen and a resident of Pennsylvania.

2. Be at least age 16, but no older than 20, years of age as of June 1 of the year entering the local contest.

3. Be certified as the winner by the local fair where she was crowned.

4. Have not been a former local Fair Queen winner, nor a former State Fair Queen contestant.

5. Not hold any other title for any other commodity group or pageant during her reign.

6. Have her parent(s)' or guardian(s)' consent to enter the competition.

7. Be single, have never been married, have not been pregnant nor given birth to a child.

8. Act in accordance with the PA Fair Queen “Behavior Policy” – see below

9. Meet all time commitments, Queen obligations and Dress Code as set forth by the PA Fair Queen Program.


The Contest’s governing Board shall have the sole discretion to determine whether, in its judgment, the

Queen, Alternate or Contestants may continue to participate in the Program, in the event that Board

determines that any statement or representation is not true and accurate, or that any action is

inconsistent with the rules, standards and dignity of the Program.

The following will be considered violations of the Policy and will be grounds for immediate

disqualification, dismissal and/or being banned from future Queen competitions:

1. Any infractions of any Queen Contest rules.

2. Smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages, chewing gum, foul language and/or public displays of

affection to dates/boyfriends while wearing crown and/or sash and representing the Queen Program.

3. Engagement in any illegal, unpartisan, unethical, indecent and/or morally questionable

behavior, including but not limited to online representations on the Internet such as social

networking sites (Facebook and MySpace).

4. Use of any illegal controlled dangerous substances or abusing the use of alcohol or other

dangerous substances.

5. Any defamation of the Queen Contest, its winners and contestants, and the Fair or the PA Fair

Queen Program and their Directors and Committee members, whether it be oral or written.

This includes postings on the Internet.

6. Any uncooperative or unsportsmanlike conduct before, during or after the competition.

7. Any unsolicited or unauthorized appearances or representations of the Queen Program in crown

and banner.


Wearing of the Fair Queen crown and/or sash is to be considered an honor and privilege. The bearer

represents herself, her family, her community and Fair. Therefore professional appearance is expected

while in crown and sash:

1. Attire that is conducive to the specific appearance or event (i.e. business casual, formal, etc.)

2. No jeans, sneakers, flip flops or boots.

3. No visible piercings (other than earrings) or tattoos.

4. No outfit that is too low cut, too short or too revealing.

5. No clothing that advertises, promotes, or glorifies the use of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, or anything

inconsistent with the dignity of the Queen Program.


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