Jack Fullertonís Destruction Derby
The last Saturday,  Starting Time Ė 6 p.m.
The  Somerset County Fair Demolition Derby will once again be under the direction of Jack Fullerton of Meyersdale.
Fullerton has been promoting derbies for 45 years at the Somerset County Fair. Before becoming a promoter he drove in many demos, so he understands the mechanics of getting a car ready in the safest possible manner. The Somerset County Fair Demolition Derby is one of the largest in the area.
Several years ago 149 cars were reduced to rubble on the last Saturday of August.
Demos are usually one of the most popular attractions at fairs. Fullerton travels to many county fairs throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland and West Virginia. It was quite an experience to do several demos in the North Carolina area, because the demolition derby was basically run in the sand.
In the last 45 years, Fullerton, feels he must have seen about 31,000 cars destroyed. Many of the drivers today are second or third generation drivers. They at one time have watched their father or even grandfather drive in one of Fullertonís Demolition derbies.

See the official rules and get a printable entry form here

For more information about entry and rules please contact Fullerton Promotions at (814) 442-5161.

 Designed by Dylan Murray