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Thursday,  3 p.m.

Once again the Western-Style Farm Tractor Pull is coming to the Somerset County Fair!
A production of CWPromotions LLC, the Farm Tractor Pull is open to everyone.

The class weights will be determined the night of the competition. 
Weigh in and sign up will begin at 4 p.m. The pull starts promptly at 5 p.m. Hooking fee is $15
You must be 16 years of age to be in the pit area.

Operators in Hot Stock must be at least 18 years old.
No double hooks on tractors unless allowed by officials.
For more information on specific classes, please contact Bud Weyand at 444-2293.

Farm Tractor Pull – Western
(Weight classes up to)


4,500 lb. Stock     4,500 lbs Hot Stock     Trophies     

5,500 lb. Stock     5,500 lbs Hot Stock     Trophies

6,500 lb. Stock     6,500 lbs Hot Stock     Trophies 

7,500 lb. Stock            7,500 lbs Hot Stock         

8,500 lb  Stock            8,500 lbs Hot Stock     

9,500 lb.   Advance      9,500 lbs Hot Stock     

11,500 lb.  Advance    11,500 lbs Hot Stock     

13,500 lb.  Advance    13,500 lbs Hot Stock       

15,500 lb.  Advance    15,500 lbs Hot Stock     

18,500 lb. (Stock only)

Advance and Hot Stock winners for 7500 lbs and up weight class will receive  $60, $50, $40 

  1. No. 1 (first) driver in each class has the option to re-pull in any position for a re-pull.
  2. Each driver has 50 feet to decide to make a re-pull.  (Hot Stock-- 75 feet)
  3. Drivers must be old enough to drive in a safe and responsible manner on or off the track.
  4. Drivers must be with their tractor and in line while their class is being pulled.
  5. The drawbar cannot be more than 20 inches from the ground and from a stationary point. Stock must be 18’ from center line of rear axle to rear of hitch minimum.
  6. Must have a 3” hole in clevis or drawbar to except the 3” hook on the sled.
  7. All drivers must have a 3/4” pin or larger to adapt clevis or hitch to tractor.
  8. Tractors must meet the approval of the pulling officials.
  9. No weights can be changed while on the track.
  10. No riders on tractors at anytime except operator.
  11. No duals or chains.
  12. Tires and rims may be changed as long as they meet the approval of pulling officials.
  13. Four wheel drive tractors can pull, but front wheels must be in neutral or any assists that would power the front wheels.
  14. Tractor must have original shields and guards in place.
  15. Three-point hitches must be anchored down if being pulled by it. Any visual assist on this type of hitch will give the driver an automatic disqualification.
  16. Weights must be bolted, chained in place, etc. Any weights or parts being lost while on the pulling track will disqualify the driver.
  17. No weight frame or weight may be extended more than 24” beyond the front of the tractor.
  18. Any jerking of the sled, hotroding tractor in pit or pit area will disqualify the driver.
  19. Judges will inspect all tractors and determine if tractors are safe and will check for modifications that are illegal.
  20. Judges will decide what class to pull in.
  21. Tractor must stay within marked boundaries.
  22. All vehicles while being hitched and unhitched will be in park, in neutral, or the engine shut off, with both hands in the air to signal the hitcher his safety.
  23. No one on track except officials and one puller.
  24. No excessive loss of liquid on track.
  25. No alcoholic beverages of any kind permitted.
  26. Judges have the right to stop and disqualify any tractor if it is not being operated in such a manner as would be considered safe.
  27. Arguing or unsportsmanlike conduct toward officials is cause for disqualification of BOTH TRACTOR AND DRIVER for the day.
  28. If there is a protest, the pulling officials will decide if it is a legitimate complaint. (Example: engine modifications, etc.) If they decide that the complaint is legitimate the protested tractor will be disqualified.
  29. Judges have the option to re-pull all first pulls.
  30. All decisions by officials are FINAL.

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 Designed by Dylan Murray