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Dept. 6: Dairy Goats

    462 Byers Road
    Somerset, Pa. 15501
    Aleaha Weigle

    8414 Glades Pike

    Berlin, PA 15530

Entry day  First Saturday 9:00 a.m. to noon,
Entry fee $4
1. Rules of the American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA & NPGA) shall govern though this is not an official sanctioned show.
2. Animals entered as a fair exhibit must be shown; and, animals shown must be entered as a fair exhibit.
3. Only registered or recorded animals may be shown. Purebred and American animals to be shown together by breed; all recorded grade animals to be shown together as Recorded Grade.
4. The original registration certificate is required for all animals and must be shown to the show secretary or barn superintendent upon picking up passes. A photocopy sent with entry blank preferred.
5. Animals must have an official legible breed registration tattoo.
6. No horned animals will be allowed. Does and pygmy wethers only will be allowed. No boar goats allowed. No meat breeds permitted.
7. No goats showing clinical sign of contagious or infectious disease, including active ring worm, warts, lice and mange, will be admitted to any show.
8. Pa. Health Certificate must accompany all goats for show dated March 1 or later.
9. All goats must bear an official U.S.D.A./A.P.H.I.S. ear tag to be exhibited at the show. The only exceptions are those goats that have a registration tattoo and have been coded with a premise I.D. number.
10. All animals shown in group or special classes must have been shown in their regular class.
11. There will be a mandatory pre-show milk out the evening before the show at 7:30 p.m.
12. Nigerian goat wethers class ribbons only.
13. A 15-goat limit per exhibitor will be enforced unless space permits.
14. Does to be shown in udder class should have freshened before fair.
County entries will be entered first. Out-of-county entries will be taken on standby basis.

1. All goats shown in the open class must be registered. Junior show (4-H and FFA) all goats must be owned by the exhibitor and registered in their name. No animal registered as a farm or parent-child ownership is eligible to show in the Junior show.
2. All questions should be referred to the barn superintendent, who exercises final decision.
3. Dairy goats must be bedded in hay or straw
4. Nigerian Wethers must be registered.
(See Rule 1)
SUNDAY,  9:00 a.m.
NOTE The same classifications and premiums as stated below are to apply to each breed.
A. Alpine
B. LaMancha
C. Nubian
D. Oberhaslis
E. Saanens
F. Toggenburgs
G. Recorded Grades
H. Pygmy
I. Nigerian Dwarf
J. Sable Saanen
    Class 1 birth to 4 months $9 $7 $5 R R R
    Class 2 4 to 8 months $9 $7 $5 R R R
    Class 3 812 months $9 $7 $5 R R R
    Class 4 1224 months $9 $7 $5 R R R
    Class 5 Jr. Champion Ribbon
    Class 6 Jr. Reserve Champion Ribbon
    Class 7 Under 2 years $9 $7 $5 R R R
    Class 8 23 years $9 $7 $5 R R R
    Class 9 35 years $9 $7 $5 R R R
    Class 10 5 years and over $9 $7 $5 R R R
    Class 11 Sr. Grand Champion Ribbon
    Class 12 Sr. Reserve Grand Champion Ribbon
    Class 13 Best Udder Ribbon
    Class 14 Dam & daughter same owner Ribbon
    Class 15 Produce of Dam 2 does of different age classes Ribbon
    Class 16 Milking Herd (3 milking does) of same breed Ribbon
    Class 1 Best Junior Doe in Show Ribbon
    Class 2 Best Senior Doe in Show Ribbon
    Class 3 Best Udder in Show Ribbon
    Class 4 Nigerian Wether under 1 year (see rule 4) Ribbon
    Class 5 Nigerian Wether over 1 year (see rule 4) Ribbon

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