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Dept. 4: Sheep


Annette Knotts
674 Walnut Lane

Hyndman, PA 15545


Entry day 9:00 a.m. to noon, the first Saturday
Entry fee $4
JUDGING – THURSDAY,   9:00 a.m.
1. No sheep showing clinical signs of contagious, infectious or external parasitic disease including foot rot and sore mouth will be admitted to any show.
2. All show sheep must be individually identified by a ear tag or tattoo, and this identification must be listed on the health certificate.
3. The flock of origin, including sheep consigned to a show, shall be examined by an accredited veterinarian. The veterinarian must prepare the original health certificate (AAI-13) and must state on the health certificate that he examined the entire flock and found no evidence of contagious, infectious or external parasitic disease. The date of examination must also appear on the health certificate which is acceptable (legal) March 1 or later.
4. Certification by the owner and accredited veterinarian that the identified animal(s) is (are not) known to have been exposed to scrapie.
5. All sheep must bear an official U.S.D.A./A.P.H.I.S. ear tag to be exhibited at the show. Sheep from flocks on the voluntary scrapie program must bear the official ear tag, tattoo or electronic ear implant.
All breeding sheep must have rabies vaccine.
County entries will be entered first. Out-of-county entries will be taken on standby basis.

1. All Sheep shown in the open class must be registered, except   N. Crossbred class .
2. The flock of origin including the sheep consigned to a show or sale, except sheep and lambs for immediate slaughter shall be examined by an accredited veterinarian within 30 days prior to the first day of the show or sale. The veterinarian must state on the health certificate that he examined the entire flock and found no evidence of contagious or infectious disease. The date of examination must be also be stated on the health certificate.
3. Any animal of unthrifty nature, unsuitable condition, or which cannot be satisfactorily handled under show conditions, must be removed from the fairgrounds.
4. To collect premium money, the owner must be present the day of the show.
5. Premiums will not be paid to an unworthy animal. Worthiness to be determined by the Judge.
6. Maximum of two entries in individual classes and one entry per group class per exhibitor.
7. To stimulate interest, there will be prizes given to the best fitted flocks exhibited. To be eligible for this award the exhibitor must exhibit in three or more classes.
        1st - $10; 2nd - $8; 3rd - $6
8. All questions should be referred to the barn superintendent, who exercises final decision.
9. Pen of lambs consisting of two ram lambs and two ewe lambs.
10. Flock consists of one ram, any age; one ewe, one year and under two years; one ewe under one year.
11. Breeder’s young flock consists of one ram lamb and two ewe lambs, all bred and owned by exhibitor.
12. A Get of Sire shall consist of four breeding animals, any age or sex, the Get of one Sire. Sire need not be owned by the exhibitor.
13. Spring lambs: Animal born on or after January 1, of the current year.
14. Fall Lambs: Animal born between September 1 and December 31 of previous year.
    1 . Spring Ram Lambs $10 $8 $7 $5 $3
    2. Fall Ram Lambs $10 $8 $7 $5 $3
    3. Pair of Ram Lambs $10 $8 $7 $5 $3
    4. Yearling Ram $10 $8 $7 $5 $3
    5. Pair of Yearling Rams $10 $8 $7 $5 $3
    6. Champion Ram Ribbon
    7. Reserve Champion Ram Ribbon
    8. Spring Ewe Lamb $10 $8 $7 $5 $3
    9. Fall Ewe Lamb $10 $8 $7 $5 $3
    10. Pair of Ewe Lambs $10 $8 $7 $5 $3
    11. Yearling Ewe $ 10 $8 $7 $5 $3
    12. Pair of Yearling Ewes $10 $8 $7 $5 $3
    13. Champion Ewe Ribbon
    14. Reserve Champion Ewe Ribbon
    15. Pen of Lambs $10 $8 $7 $5 $3
    16. Breeders Young Flock $10 $8 $7 $5 $3
    17. Flock $10 $8 $7 $5 $3
    18. Get-of-Sire $10 $8 $7 $5 $3
    19. Supreme Champion Ewe Ribbon
    20. Supreme Champion Ram Ribbon
Grand Champion trophy provided by CSL Farms. Reserve Champion trophy provided by Windy Hill Farm.
NOTE: The same classification and premiums as stated above are to apply to each of the following breeds:
    A. Corriedale
    B. Columbia
    C. Oxford
    D. Dorset
    E. Hampshire
    F. Merino
    G. Rambouillet
    H. Tunis
    I. Southdown
    J. Suffolk
    K. Black - Colored
    L. Jacobs
    M. Others (By Breed)
    N. Crossbred class
        1. Spring ewe
        2. Yearling ewe
Supreme Champion overall Ram and Ewe
Best fitted flock $10 $8 $6

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