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Dept. 20: Division A Group Exhibits
    522 Salisbury St
    Meyersdale, Pa., 15552
(Refer to General Rules)
County entries will be entered first. Out-of-county entries will be taken on standby basis. Entries due by July 15th.
1. Exhibit size is 5 10 approximately. Exhibit must contain agriculture educational information and/or  products and will be judged on the quality   and display of the products.
2. The fair reserves the right to reject any exhibit not in good taste or not with merit in promoting agriculture of agribusiness.
3. Junior Activities Building: All group exhibits must be completed by closing  Friday.
4. Size of exhibits is to be determined by each individual fair. Judging of exhibits may be done according to any plan devised by the fair, provided it calls for a graduated scale of awards. A scoring system that may be useful follows:
    Use of color, motion, light, figures. While attention getting is important, the reaction should be favorable. Unfavorable attention defeats its purpose.
    AROUSES INTEREST 10 points
    Encourages additional study. Personal appeal to the type of viewer for whom the exhibit was designed.
    CONVEYS MESSAGE 30 points
    The message should be understandable to the viewer for whom the exhibit was intended.
    DESIGN 20 points
    Elements of the exhibit should be placed to give a sense of unity to the whole. The message should be a part of the design and not something apparently added as an  afterthought.    Simplicity is the key here.
    WORKMANSHIP 10 points
    Neat, well constructed for the purpose. This does not imply that expensive materials be used.
    ORIGINALITY 10 points
    TOTAL 100 points
    First $150.00
    Second $125.00
    Third $100.00
    Fourth   $75.00
    All Others $50.00
A copy of the judges score sheet will be displayed within the booth.



Dept. 20 Division D- Parade

Classifications and prizes
1st-$40;        2nd-$20;        3rd-$15;        4th-$15;        5th-$15

1. Junior Division for 4-H clubs, F.F.A.s, Boy Scouts, etc.
2. Dairy and Livestock Floats
3. Crops and Garden Floats
4. Antique Tractors
5. Homemaking Floats
6. Miscellaneous Floats
7. Twirling Groups

8. Pioneer Days and Horse Floats
9. Riding Horses

There will be no stopping in front of the Grandstand for performance.

The above classes will be judged according to the following:
Appearance ....................  25 points
Originality  .....................  25 points
Neatness of Detail  .........  25 points
Entertaining  ..................  25 points
There will be points deducted from groups not moving through the parade route at parade pace.

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