2020 Buyers of Junior Livestock Sale

GRAND CHAMPION Steer / Co. Bred Champion                 Paul & Stacy Wheeler
GRAND CHAMPION Swine                                                 Growmark FS
GRAND CHAMPION Goat                                                   L P R Energy
GRAND CHAMPION Lamb                                                 Espys Meat Market
GRAND CHAMPION HOME GROWN                              Steer Riggs Industries
GRAND  CHAMPION HOME GROWN                             Goat Rob's Rations
GRAND CHAMPION HOME GROWN Swine                    USSCO-Dave Saylor
GRAND CHAMPION HOME GROWN Goat                     Rob's Rations
GRAND CHAMPION CO. BRED Swine                             W. W. Friedline Inc

RESERVE CHAMPION Steer                                             Andy & Brenda Ansell
RESERVE CHAMPION Swine                                            Growmark FS
RESERVE CHAMPION Goat                                             Christopher & Lara Forman
RESERVE CHAMPION Lamb                                             J & E Under Pressure
RESERVE HOME GROWN Steer                                       Animal Medical Center
RESERVE HOME GROWN Swine                                      Beeghley Tree Service
RESERVE HOME GROWN Goat                                        Allman Boer Goats
RESERVE CO. BRED Steer                                                 Paul & Stacy Wheeler
RESERVE CO. BRED Swine                                               Super City Manufacturing
RESERVE CO. BRED Goat                                                 Southern States--Cumberland


Abby Martz
Ag.Choice Farm Credit
Albright's Repair Center Inc
Allman Boer Goats
Andrew McKinney
Andy & Brenda Ansell
Animal Medical Center
Ann Kincaid
B. J. Maurer Ford
Barbera/Svonavec Law
Beachdale Farms
Beeghley Tree Service
Beegley & Keim
Blacks Specialty
Boyer Financial Planning
C M E Engineering Sean Isgan
Charlie Brown
Chem Grow Seeds Vince Flannery
Christopher & Lara Forman
Conzatti Italian Market
Corsa Coal/Wilson Creek Energy/PBS Coals
Davidsville Fuel Inc
Demrnler Machinery (Gary Danley)
Dew hemminger
Dively Trucking
Dr. Albert Barnett
Durst Transport
Dynamic Auction Group
Edward O'Brien
Espys Meat Market
EugeneYachere Feed Inc
Flying W Farms
Four Guys Inc

Gerald Walker Commissioner
Gerry & Lisa Yeckley
Gloria Lambert
Grace and Meadows Inc
Grantsville Truck & Trailer
Green Mountain Construction Group
Growmark FS
Guy Chemical
H&S Meat Packing
Harl3augh Cattle Company
Hays Rentals - Ke by
Heriiminger Custom Metals
Hoffers Ligonier Valley Packing
Hollsopple Feed Mill
Hunsberger Custom Harvesting
Hunsberger Farms
J & D Cattle-Don & eri Williams
J & E Under Pressure
J & J Svonavec
JaDon Farm-Donald Shinn
James T & Ann Yoder family
Jarrod & Josiah AnseH
Jeff Will
Jeffery/Snap On Tools
Kelly Rohrbaugh
Keneth Geisel
Knotts Livestock
Krause Electric & Refrigeration

L P R Energy
Larry Sanner
LaVale Vet Hospital
Levi Beal
1st Summit Bank
Matthew Glessner
Michael Knapp-Knapp Time Farm
Michael Mackanos III
Michelle & Fred Dull
Million Dollar Acct
Mission Partners LLC
Morocco Welding
Mountain Ridge AN
New Enterprise Stone & Lime
Nolan & Julia Bell
,Ohler Show Stock
Paul & Stacy Wheeler.
Penn Woods Enterprises LLC
Pheasants Forever
Philip Martz Jr
Pyle Machine
Rays Tree Farm
Rep. Carl Walker Metzgar
Riggs Industries
Robert Tipton
Robes Rations
Ron & Connie Hitlegas
Sand Spring Farms nc
Sanner Tree Service
Senator Pat Stefano
Somerset Co. Sportsmans League
Somerset Milling Co.
Somerset Orthodonttc--Richard Robbins
Somerset Rural Electric Co-Op
Somerset Trust Co.
Southern States--Cumberland
Sperry Well Drilling
Stacey & Jeremy Harbaugh
Stahl's Jewelry
Stoy Excavating
Super City Manufacturing
Suters Beverage & Water
Taryn Knopsnyder
The Shake Shak
rTims Trucking
Timz Diesel
USSCO--Dave Saylor
W. W. Friediine Inc
Wengerd Roofing
West Central Equipment
White Oak Vet Clinic.
Whitmers Feed & Grain
Wills Taxie Service LLC
Wm & Deana Bowers