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Wednesday, August 22, 5 p.m.
Coordinated by Somerset County Lady Shepherds
Presented by the Somerset County Fair.

The objectives of these classes are to present sheep in an attractive manner, and give spectators a chance to see the best of the sheep industry.


  1. Competition is open to any Somerset County young person as long as they are a participant in the Somerset County Fair. You will be allowed to borrow a market lamb and show in the unregistered class or the novelty class. Age divisions will be based on age as of Aug. 1st.  Competition will be divided into the following divisions:

A. Registered Class

  1. Registered ewe lamb or yearling ewe.
    (Must be registered in contestant’s name.)

  2. Four Divisions
    Girls Jr. & Boys Division – Ages 9-13
    Girls Sr. & Boys Division – Ages 14-19

  3. Winners of the Senior Division will be eligible to receive $20 from The Lady Shepherds toward expenses if they go into state competition.

B. Unregistered Class

  1. Ewe lamb, wether

  2. Two Divisions –                                                                                                                                                     Girls & Boys Junior Division – Ages  9-13
    Girls & Boys Senior Division – Ages 14-19

C. Novelty Class

  1. Ewe lamb, yearling ewe or wether

  2. All ages 1 – 100

  3. Two Divisions
    a. Up to age 14
    b. Ages 15 and up

  4. Be creative! Dress up.

   5.  This class will be on:
        a. Originality;

        b. Audience Appeal;

        c. Control of Sheep;

        d. Appearance of Sheep (well groomed)


  1. You and your sheep can enter only one competitive class, no sheep will be hauled in.

  2. Sheep must be fitted and trained to show at halter.

  3. Sheep will be judged on general appearance (fitting, cleanliness, etc.)

  4. The contestant will be judged on poise and appearance.

  5. The contestant must be attired in a woolen outfit. The percentage of wool in each piece of clothing must be listed.
    The judges will take into consideration how much wool you are wearing, must be 75 percent wool or 25 percent points deducted.

  6. A special $25 award will be given to the contestant wearing the most attractive handmade garment. The person judging the contestant and contestant’s costume will make this decision.


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