Figure “8” Demolition Derby Race and Demolition Derby

Extra  this year is a Pickup & Minivan Demolition Derby
Under the direction of Jack Fullerton Promotions
Monday at  7:30 p.m.

Once again at the  Somerset County Fair, two demolition derbies will be held fair week.
In Monday’s Figure “8” Demo Derby Race, the race will be held in an area approximately 200 feet long by 60 feet wide.
It utilizes four cylinder cars.
Unlike the traditional demolition derby, in this event it is your ability to out think and out maneuver the other driver, while being the first to complete the required laps.
The Figure “8” Demo Derby Race is for four cylinder cars, up to 104-inch wheelbase.
The regular Demolition Derby is held on Saturday.
So if you enjoy a good Demolition Derby, the Somerset County Fair is the place to be on Monday,  and Saturday


For more information about entry and rules please contact

Fullerton Promotions at (814) 442-5161.



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